Sugar Pie Honeybunch…

You know that I love you…

I can’t help myself…

I love you and nobody else…

10 days sugar free, done.

What? I hear you cry.

Am I a loonatic?

Quite possibly.

Why would anyone voluntarily give up sugar.


I don’t know.

Don’t ask me.

But I did.

And I didn’t really mean to. I didn’t set out that way.

A whole 10 days.



Perhaps I am a lunatic.

I’m not going to bounce around in Spandex saying it was easy and extolling the virtues of Madjool dates, because

a) it was not easy

b) a date is not a Dairy Milk

oh and C) I may have had one too many dirty little dreams about Nigel Slater drizzling me in Salted Caramel and force feeding me tiffin.  

Clearly my subconscious was a sugar addict too.

But alas, no more.


It went marvelously well.

I really didn’t think that was going to happen.

By day three I would have happily licked sugar up off of the Tube floor. 

Relax though, I didn’t.

Once the craving had cracked and the hangry had passed, it became clear it was worth doing, I feel amazing, clear headed and lighter.

I also accidentally lost 7lb in the process.

Not going to argue with that, thank you very much.

My skin is glowing, my tastebuds reset and my collarbone is actually emerging from it’s winter flubber.

Just in time for wetsuit season.

Clearly I really was made of (too much) sugar and spice and all things nice.

Until next time…


P.S: Song of the day here

P.P.S: I defy you to listen to the song of the day today and not be up dancing along, copying those cool cat moves. I know I was. 

P.P.P.S: Now, where is that tiffin… 


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