You may have noticed that it has been rather quiet on recently, in fact, lets just cut to the chase, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger, I’ve not posted in a month…

I’m sorry.

The reason the tumbleweed has had free reign to tumble away to its hearts content is that I’ve a new love in my life.

And no, this time it’s not another burger…!

Introducing Periscope

It’s Periscope.

Owned by Twitter, launched a mere 9 weeks ago, Periscope is a live broadcasting App, tied to your twitter account, which allows you to broadcast live, to the world (or watch the world live), at the tap of a button.

It is simply phenomenal and is seriously disrupting the digital landscape.

Available on Apple and Android (it’s free), download at your peril.

I did and I’ve watched very little of anything else since.

In fact, I’ve done very little of anything since.

But I highly recommend that you do download.

It is simply captivating.

I love love love being able to travel around the world from the comfort of my sofa/bed/garden or kitchen table* (delete as applicable).

And, wait for this, the very best bit…

I don’t just watch other ‘Scopers…. I actually ‘Scope!!

Yes, you read that right, I actually broadcast, live on the internet. To the world. The whole, bloody, wide world.

Yes, little old me.

I’m as surprised by this as I’m sure you will be….! (and I’m even more surprised people actually watch me!)

I know I said I would never do YouTube (despite loving watching it, and I still probably won’t do it), but there is something about sharing the world instantly while interacting with viewers that has captured my imagination.

This weekend alone I’ve traveled to Australia, Japan, Italy, France, America, all from the comfort of my bed.

It is simply magical.

Yesterday I was watching a Rolling Stones concert from some far flung place, Fleetwood Mac the other night and U2 too.

If music isn’t your bag, then there are even hummingbirds being hand fed (it’s seriously hypnotic), and sunrises and sunsets from every far flung place you can imagine, from the tropics to traffic lined cities.

I’ve even been to the moon and back!

You don’t just sit and watch (though you can if you want), there is audience participation too. You can type comments, and ask questions in real time, which creates brilliant interactions.

You can also show appreciation by tapping on the screen, which triggers a stream of hearts. This is the Periscope equivalent of a Like or a Favourite and is how people are ranked on the main Periscope charts.

At the time of writing this, I’m delighted to have smashed the 200,000 heart barrier. Small fry at the moment compared to many, but i’m still over the moon with my little efforts.

I must also add, the Periscope community that I’ve found, all seem really lovely (so far) and that is really part of the charm.

It’s so new, like when YouTube launched that there is a tonne of crap on there, but that will fade in time, when the novelty wears off, so, in the meantime, I’ve done the hard work for you, and below are the people that I’m hooked on watching and I’m sure you will be too.

They are ALL well worth a follow (I just hope I don’t miss anyone out!)…

So here goes…

1) @RonWaxman

Ron Waxman Periscope

Kicking off with the most gregarious of gents on the ‘Scoping scene, and one who has kindly taken me under his wing, Ron, otherwise known as my ‘Scope mentor, offers what can only be described as simply superb skyline views of the sunrise in fabulous New York, New York, live each day, straight from his roof deck. He combines these with regular, epic, all night, night time tours around the landmarks of the city that never sleeps. A charming chap who never seems to sleep himself. If you stopped reading now and didn’t follow anyone else, you would still have an epic Periscope experience . An absolute must follow. He excels at finding fun and interesting scopes to share with his followers, including finding me.  He was also the first to discover and promote the next scoper on my list…

2) @Kanji_K

@kanji_k Periscope

Keizo is THE MAN, the king of Periscope, really. More followers that Oprah since recently becoming a featured ‘Scoper. A really lovely guy, taking us on daily adventures around Sakai city, Osaka, Japan, his rise has been stratospheric. I’ve had the pleasure of watching his ascent and I can honestly say it hasn’t changed him a bit though. He is a real, unassuming star of ‘Scope and I adore the beauty and simplicity of his ‘Scopes (as does the rest of the world too apparently!).

3) @ClaireWad

@Clairewad Periscope

Claire simply rocks. Absolutely bloody rocks. She is little Miss Paris to me. She is a Paris’Scoper extraordinare, she has the city (and now the world) eating out of her incredibly knowledgeable palm. A perfectly polished Parisian ‘Scoper, who loves a good chat. A first class follow. Highly, highly recommend.

4) @MaryNYC1

@MaryNYC1 Periscope

Mary, Mary, Mary! Mary is brilliant. My first female New Yorker on this list, she shares her amazing view of Central Park from her roof deck. Brilliant views, brilliant commentary, a brilliant follow. Comes across as someone you would want to be gal pals with.

5) @DominicMilan

@DominicMilan Periscope

I really love Dominic’s feed, he is the first astronomy ‘Scoper that I’ve found. His USP is that he takes you to the moon and back, (not literally), but via his telescope. It is quite something to be able to not just visit the rest of the world via Periscope but the rest of the universe. This one is something magic.

6) @SoniaCarroll

@SoniaCarroll Periscope

I love Sonja and I love her ‘Scopes of beautiful Australia. I started following her whilst she was on hols with her friend and the fun they were having easily translated on screen. Another whose personality shines through as she takes us on her travels.

7) @RosieBrownUK

@RosieBrownUK Periscope

Rosie is a real darling and a fellow blonde to boot. Having just moved to Australia, Rosie is fast becoming the new Carrie Bradshaw, girl about town and its fabulous to be able to follow her on her new big adventure.

8) @MaxFosterCNN

@MaxFosterCNN Periscope

I hope it isn’t unprofessional of me to say, but Max is a hunk with the most perfect British accent (and that is saying something coming from a Brit!), so I could just sit and watch him on that basis, but that is not the end to his talents. He is a CNN journo/news anchor, like a real life Will McAvoy. His behind the scenes coverage of all things news is fabulous. A great, great watch.

9) @DanAndMoore


Dan is one cool dude, based in Oz. I love his scopes. He starts the day with sunrises and ends them on a skateboard. In between he takes us to really cool coffee shops, street music performances (my favourite HAS to be Bottleman, without a doubt).

10) @BaseGiulioBase

@BaseGiulioBase Periscope

Live from the beautiful scenery of Rome, Italy, Giulio regularly takes walks around the stunning landmarks we all know and love. His personality shines through in his ‘Scopes, he is a great one for interaction. His accent is pretty awesome too. Two particular favourites of mine were his trip around  the Vatican and the Coliseum. A Fabulous example of what it is like to see and learn through the eyes of a local.

11) @ChantalTV

@ChantalTV Periscope

Chantal is one cool lady (with a fabulous accent!) I adore her morning ‘Scopes from her Parisian balcony, simply blissful, especially when I’m usually stuck on a train when watching! Now a firm part of my morning routine. Another one whose personality shines through, great ‘Scopes, great chat. A great way to escape, especially when she goes to explore the city.

12) @EuroMaestro

@EuroMaestro Periscope

Another fabulous ‘Scoper from the city of love… Paris. Euro is like a real life intrepid explorer. He is all over Paris in the blink of an eye. I’ve seen so so much of Paris thanks to Euro. I especially love the way one minute he is at the top of the Arc de Tromphe and the next he is at the Eiffel tower. It’s like Paris on speed zipping from one icon to the next. Top chap.

13) @MoeInteractive 

@MoeInteractive Periscope

Moe is one cool dude. Another super ‘Scoper he covers NYC from top to bottom all day long. Loved his Brooklyn Bridge ‘Scopes. Need to watch more.

14) @Simone_Scribes 

@Simone_Scribes Periscope

Aka the fabulous Simone Scribes, beauty blogger/YouTuber extraordinare is now showing us even more snippets of her life amongst the amazing sites and scenes of Dubai. It was actually down to Simone that I joined Periscope, she inspired me. One cool dudette.

15) Me!! Ok, last but not least, me, @MyBlondeReality.



I am still very much a little leaguer on the Periscope scene, compared to the superstars above, but we all have to start somewhere. I scope from the big smoke, AKA London and try to cover all the key London landmarks, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye, St Paul’s, the Shard, Tower Bridge, you name it and I’ll do it (well, almost anything) as well as from the beautiful British countryside, and I would be honoured to take you along with me… If you would like to, you can follow me here @myblondereality.

Thanks as ever guys for joining me, I hope you love Periscope as much as I.


You can also follow My Blonde Reality on:

Twitter: @myblondereality Facebook & Instagram or you can subscribe via Bloglovin

Please do feel free to drop by and say hi!

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Review: Big Fernand, London (probably the best burger you will ever eat, anywhere, ever)

Big Fernand London

Over the last couple of years, the burger offering in London has transformed from frozen lumps of limp, questionable meat available from late night chicken shops after a night in Infernos, to gourmet gastronomic offerings at street food festivals and restaurants alike.

The transformation has been great for the London food scene and I have written on several occasions about how great my Burger Love is, here and here.

However, things are about to get even better.

We are on the precipice on a revolution…

Because, the French have arrived.

And they’ve blown everyone else out of the water.

You could say it really was love at first bite, after just one bite.

And I don’t say that lightly…

I’ve tried the rest and now for the very best…

Vive la Revolution!

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Review: Show Dry, Notting Hill

Show Dry Opens Notting Hill

You’ll know by now that I love a good blow dry.

I’m so big on hair, I even named this site after it.

Having a brilliant blown barnet is one of the finer things in life, if you ask me.

I just love it.

So when I heard that Tamara Ecclestone had extended her Show Beauty range into a real life store, offering nothing but luxe blow dries, I was there like a shot…

And of course, I had to take you with me…

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Recipe: Grown-up Creme Eggs

Grown Up Creme Egg Recipe

It’s Easterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and I have hatched a real cracker of a recipe for you today, some might even say it’s egg-cellent.

It is super simple and can be whipped up quick as a flash.

You are going to want to chick-this out…

Drumroll (or should that be egg roll) please…

Introducing the white chocolate and passionfruit eggs, my take on grown up creme eggs.

Grown Up Creme Egg Recipe

A perfect Easter pud (or, quite frankly, a cracking pud for any time of year).

Creamy, rich and moreish.

Grown Up Creme Egg Recipe

Just like a real creme egg.

It is also a great way to use up a glut of chocolate eggs you may or may not end up with in your home.

Grown Up Creme Egg Recipe

In my home there is no such thing as an excess glut of chocolate eggs, but anyway.

Grown Up Creme Egg Recipe

I’m so egg-cited to share this with you…

Ready to get egg-ducated?

Great, let’s get crack on…!

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Review: Cahoots, London

Cahoots London

The tube is as much of a part of London as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Thames.

It is ingrained in the daily life of every Londoner.

Hot, sweaty and overcrowded, it is hardly ever fun.

However, that is all about to change.

What I’m about to tell you is top secret.

I only tell people I’m in cahoots with…

Remember, the war may be over, but loose lips sink ships!

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Summer in the City Part Two: The Ultimate A to Z Guide of Things to Do in London

Summer in the City

Welcome to Part Two of my A to Z of things to do in London for the perfect Summer in the City.

If you missed Part One of my Summer in the City series, you can catch up with it here

Otherwise, I’m going to jump back into my compendium of what you need to be planning now, for the ultimate Summer in the City.

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Summer in the City Part One: The Ultimate A to Z Guide of Things to Do in London

Summer in the City, Things to Do in London

London is the most wonderful city in the world.

A bold statement you may think, but it’s true.

From the architecture, to the people, to the food, the history, to the culture, even down to the smell of the city. London just has that buzz about it.

I absolutely love it.

Although fabulous all year round, for me, it truly comes alive in the summer.

The summer ‘season’ in London is rather magnificent.

From polo matches to food festivals, theatre, opera and world class sport, there really is no better time to be in the city.

My most requested post/emailed question/tweet etc is always, what would I recommend doing in London?

So, bearing that in mind, here is Part One of a two part run down of what I’m booking NOW, to be ahead of the curve, for that ultimate summer in the city experience.

After all, no one likes FOMO.

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Benefit – A Curl’s Best Friend

Benefit Curls Best Friend London Pop Up Beauty Parlour

On Friday night it was girl’s night.

Time for a long overdue catch up with the Fabulous Fi.

When we heard that the brilliant beauties behind Benefit had set up (temporary) camp in Soho, we were there like a shot.

What was this bastion of beauty brilliance I hear you cry?

Well, it was a pop up beauty parlour and bar (yes, a bar!) with the best name ever, A Curl’s Best Friend, to celebrate the launch of their new mascara, Roller Lash.

To take my best friend, to a Curl’s Best Friend, seemed a great idea and of course, we had to take you along too…

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The Best Breakfast in London? The Cereal Killer Cafe

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day…


and luckily for us, you can now get it any time of the day at 139 Brick Lane, thanks to the dudes behind The Cereal Killer Cafe.

Bearing that in mind, The Husband and I decided to go all topsy turvy one Friday night and go for breakfast for dinner for Date Night….

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