Wicked Winter White Hot Chocolate

Dec. 24th 2013

Are you a bit like Bing and dreaming of a White Christmas?


Just like the ones you used to know?

Where the tree tops glisten and children listen, for sleigh bells in the snow….?

Well if Mother Nature is lacking in the snow delivery where you are (like here), then S-no-w problem,  you can create your own white Christmas without getting all wet and soggy, by simply trying this wicked little Winter White Hot Chocolate recipe for size….


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Giving Back At Crimbo: Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day 2013

Dec. 5th 2013


Who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper?

What isn’t there to like?

We’ve all received one on Christmas day from a long lost Aunt, greeted it with a wan smile and worn it whilst stuffing ourselves with turkey.

It’s Christmas, it’s the law. That is just the way it is.

And this year, you get to do it twice, you lucky little elves…

Twice, I hear you cry?

Yes and it’s all for a good cause….

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Kicking off Christmas in Style… Belgravia Style…

Dec. 3rd 2013

Today on My Blonde Reality we are kicking off Christmas in style….

Belgravia style…

We’ve hopped across the river from Battersea to Belgravia…


….to spread some Christmas cheer at the Belgravia Christmas Fair….

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Say ‘Chanello’ to the Chanel pop-up at the Josh Wood Atelier…

Nov. 29th 2013


What do you get when you cross a dull, damp, grey London day and a trip to the home of the celebrity snipper to the stars, otherwise known as the Josh Wood Atelier in Notting Hill?

FABULOUS. Fabulous is what you get.

The Josh Wood Atelier itself is fabulous with a capital F…


….and the long rosta of celeb clients attest to this,

but the folks at Josh Wood have not rested on the laurels of celebrity or Fabulous…

Oh no, Fabulous isn’t enough for the folks at this atelier…

They’ve bought in the big guns and cranked this salon up several notches from Fabulous…to Fricking Fabulous.

And how have they done this?

Let me tell you…

Drumroll please….

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Purlfect Purl at The Bedford, Balham – A Sexy Little Speakeasy

Nov. 25th 2013


Last weekend the Fabulous Fi, the Flamingo, Piptini and I (otherwise known as two thirds of team Spin) embarked on an evening of delicious ‘drinkonomy’, otherwise known as boozing in Balham.

Balham you may think of as an odd/off beat destination, with the whole of London at our disposal, but you would be wrong.

There is something of a cocktail revolution going on in Balham, a real revelation to me.

And as it is only a hop, skip and a jump from home, off we went.

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Blow Ltd: From Frightening to Fabulous in 30 mins or less…

Nov. 20th 2013


Yes, really. It is possible and it doesn’t take a village (like it usually would for me to go from grotty to glam)…

Coming from the girl who is always late on a night out as my hair takes me waaaaaay longer than I ever anticipate, (even when I do anticipate it), this place is a dream.

A New York style blow to go, allowing you to go from Continue reading

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